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A Heritage of Trees - Queensland's Wet Tropics

A Heritage of Trees - Queensland's Wet Tropics

Book Dimensions: 24 x 28cm

Number of Pages: 148

ISBN: 978-0-6484730-5-3


This richly illustrated book celebrates some outstanding trees that exemplify why our Wet Tropics is both biologically diverse and visually stunning.


Compiled over several years, author Rupert Russell with photographers Paul Curtis and Steven Nowakowski, showcase the finest examples of our rich tree heritage in far North Queensland.




The background story:-


In the mid 90s an international book arrived on the market titled “Meetings with Remarkable Trees”. Writer Rupert Russell and photographer Paul Curtis were inspired and considered all the remarkable trees they had passed by in their travels around north Queensland’s Wet Tropics and contemplated their individual stories of resilence and character. The Wet Tropics is nothing if not trees and all the lifeforms they support.


Paul and Rupert travelled far and wide over 3 years visiting known examples and discovering many more. You could say people came out of the woodwork offering advice and information on individual examples of great spirit and in many cases known to very few people.


Three years of walking, climbing and crawling resulted in quite a library of spectacular examples of dwarves and giants from deep within the wilderness. However, other commitments and financial resources led to a hiatus until in 2018 photographer and publisher Steven Nowakowski re-lit their enthusiasm and offered his assistance and expertise in getting the project moving again. Trees were re-visited and more discovered.

Rupert’s wonderful text brings alive the story of encountering each tree and Paul and Steve’s photographs capture the sometimes uncooperative subjects in all their moods and spectacle. Here, a combination of talents has produced a long overdue book celebrating the nature of north Queensland’s Wet Tropics through the age old inhabitants that have watched as indigenous Australians, explorers, loggers and bushwalkers passed beneath their limbs – the trees of north Queensland.


Rupert Russell (writer) previous work includes:-

1976: A lake in the forest.

1980: Spotlight on Possums.

1985: Daintree. Where the rainforest meets the reef

2006: Amongst Trees


Plus scattered contributions to other publications, both scientific and popular.


Paul Curtis (photographer):-

Wilderness landscapes have been Paul’s passion since he seriously started photography with enthusiasm in the late 1970s and moved to north Queensland in the mid 1980s to pursue his goal of having the best photo library of this part of the world. Paul was attracted to the countryside around Cairns which has everything from pristine, golden beaches devoid of footprints to permanently damp mountain tops with views over unspoiled wilderness, to dry sandstone escarpment country of deep gorges and caves – all within 2 hours drive of his home in Kuranda.


His results have been published in calendars and books such as his Traveller’s Guide to North Queensland and have illustrated many magazine articles on outdoors adventure and photography.


When not doing what he loves best searching out new subjects to point a lens at, he is either writing or taking like-minded people on tours to some of his favourite places.


Steven Nowakowski (photographer):-

Steven has been photographing Australia's wild places for over 25 years. He has successfully made a successful career out of showcasing the beauty, wonder and diversity of this great country.

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