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Peter Hitchcock - Defender of Forests

Peter Hitchcock - Defender of Forests

Defender of Forests


Peter Hitchcock


Peter Hitchcock was writing this book at the time of his death in 2019. It is his story of a lifetime of connection with Australia’s tall eucalypt forests and rainforests, and their conservation. It is a dual story of his life, and the science and conservation of the tall eucalypt forests, their use by Aboriginal people, their ‘discovery’ by early European explorers, their exploitation by European settlers and those who followed them, the battles and successes for their conservation, and the management which will be needed to conserve them in the future.


Peter made extraordinary national and global contributions to forest conservation, rainforest protection, World Heritage, and national parks. He was a visionary, with a green future for our planet firmly in his sights. Peter Hitchcock left an indelible mark on nature conservation and on those who knew him. His determination to win results for the environment in the face of adversity is legendary.


Humanity owes much to Peter Hitchcock.

He made the world a better place.

And now, there is one less great warrior for the planet.




Size: 15cm x 23cm


142 pages


ISBN: 9780645705294

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