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Prints | Outback | Tenacious being

Prints | Outback | Tenacious being

Solitary Ghost Gum (Eucalyptus papuana) tenaciously clinging to crumbling rock near Birthday Waterhole, West MacDonnell Ranges National Park, Northern Territory.


Edition of 100


  • How to order your CANVAS or ACRYLIC print

    Prints are available in two finishes – CANVAS or ACRYLIC and in five different widths. From the 'FINISH (Acrylic or Canvas) and WIDTH' drop down box above, choose one of the following options:

    • Acrylic 500mm wide or Canvas 500mm wide
    • Acrylic 750mm wide or Canvas 750mm wide
    • Acrylic 1000mm wide or Canvas 1000mm wide
    • Acrylic 1500mm wide or Canvas 1500mm wide
    • Acrylic 2000mm wide Canvas 2000mm wide


    Choose 'Quantity' then 'Add to cart'.

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