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Prints | Seascapes | Hinchinbrook skyline

Prints | Seascapes | Hinchinbrook skyline

Always wanted to capture a good night sky image over the skyline of Hinchinbrook Islands serrated backbone of mountains.


I sort of achieved that here from two nights ago when we had crystal clear skies with no moon and the milky way floated across the atmosphere. This is a multiple image stitch and still needs some work but here it is anyway.


The beautiful thing about photography is that it has the ability to rekindle ideas, memories and thoughts. What I remember about this moment was the flourescent bioluminescence sprinkling the shore at the high tide mark as the waves rolled in. It recalled my memory from 1993 when I first experienced this phenomenon on nearby Zoe Bay beach, also on Hinchinbrook Island.


The Island is a place of wonder and wildness. Let it remain so. This photo is taken from Ramsay Bay beach looking south.


Edition of 50

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